Immigration & Border Security

Various media outlets claim that illegal immigrants cost our country annually

1. Washington Times $296 Billion

2. In 2017, the total cost of illegal immigration for the United States – at the federal, state, and local levels – was approximately $116 billion.FEDERATION FOR AMERICAN IMMIGRATION REFORM

3. Even after deducting the $19 billion in taxes paid by illegal immigrants, the 12.5 million of them living in the country results in a $116 billion burden on the economy and taxpayers each year. - The Hill

Various media outlets claim illegal immigrants cost OHIO annualy

Ohio has a rapidly growing illegal alien population of about 110,000 persons, nearly tripling since 2000. That population represents a major burden on the state's taxpayers and on the state budget. The costs imposed on law-abiding Ohioans are unfair and unwelcome even in the best of times but are especially burdensome at a time when the state is facing an $8 billion revenue deficit 


  • Nothing demands compromise more than immigration policy. We often fail here because we refuse to listen to the other side. Effective immigration policy must balance the need to protect our borders, our communities, and our economy with the understanding that a nation of immigrants cannot turn its back on those looking to achieve the American dream.

  • The U.S. Senate forged an excellent bipartisan compromise in 2013. Unfortunately, the House refused to even consider it.

  • We need a comprehensive immigration law that – similar to the effort engineered by the “Gang of Eight” – finds a workable compromise between these two competing immigration philosophies.

  • Such immigration policy must compassionately recognize the children of those here illegally. The DREAM Act does just that and must be a part of any new immigration policy.

  • Nothing demonstrates the utter incompetence and dysfunction of the legislative branch than the U.S. House’s refusal to take up the Senate’s bill on immigration.

America is a nation of immigrants. It always has been, of course. But that hasn’t prevented immigration policy from becoming a volatile issue that consistently tests our emotions. As a 2nd generation immigrant, I have always been particularly sensitive to this issue. Though my experience growing up with foreign-born grandparents was overwhelmingly positive, I do recall times when my grandmother faced bigotry and even hostility. To narrow-minded people, my grandmother was less American. She was less deserving. She was second-class. She came to this country voluntarily. They understood the sacrifice. But she took a chance because they believed in the American ideal. She worked hard and she succeeded. That is America’s story. And in my eyes that makes her as American as anyone, without exception.

But we are a nation of laws, not of men. We are also a civilized society. Therefore, we must find a compromise between our openness to immigration and our need to protect our borders. Yes, illegal immigration is a problem. But we cannot solve that problem by callously denying that we are a nation built by immigration.

A national immigration policy that understands this need for finding a compromise will not be easy. But Congress should never shy away from an issue just because it isn’t easy. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what has happened. The current career hyper-partisan politicians have failed the people of Ohio's 3rd Congressional District, Change is needed now. 

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