Mark Richardson, Father, Veteran, Business Owner, Banker, Philanthropist, Mentor, Coach,

and  Football Official

Mark is a decorated United States Navy Veteran Air-AntiSubmarine Squadron 24 Carrier Airwing 8 USS Nimitz. Serving he earned the experience of being both a leader and a follower, of taking the initiative and also of following the chain of command. That’s invaluable congress, where each congressional member plays several roles. As a Veteran, I've also excelled at establishing and meeting objectives—another important trait of a congressional member. As a member of congress, it requires functioning well under pressure. That’s a skill most people have to learn, and as a veteran, I have the equivalent of PhDs when it comes to performing under stress. I have prepared to react well to the unexpected and to make good decisions in high-pressure, uncertain situations. Teamwork and trust are possible only with integrity—service members have to be sure they can depend on one another to carry out their assignments. Doing the right thing is just as important in congress as it is in battle. Integrity is the foundation of powerful relationships with constituents, congressional colleagues, and the executive branch.

Mark has received some of the best exposure and leadership training through the military, America’s “school of the nation.” His experiences has prepared him for a lifetime of leadership.

 About Mark 

Mark was raised in a very strict household. His mother, a 1st generation immigrant. His father a World War II veteran. Certain qualities become part of who you are being raised by parents of the greatest generation ever.

Three lessons I live by today.

First is RESPECT. It was instilled in me at a young age to respect everyone, but at an early age, my father taught me a little bit deeper. He told me if any person, man or woman, appeared to be older than me, I should address and respect them as if they were my parent. He never qualified the statement based on race, social stature or any other criteria. He simply said to respect them.

Second is DISCIPLINE. This was probably the toughest for me to grasp as a young man. So often when people think of discipline, they think of the things they are not supposed to do. He encouraged me to discipline myself even with things I was supposed to do.

The final trait is HONOR. This one took me awhile to figure out, because my father always demonstrated honor by example. Honor America, as in honor thy father and mother. There is no greater honor than to serve your country.

Mark has decades of experience as an accomplished Sr. leader in the corporate financial sector. With a Sr. Leadership role in banking. Mark As an entrepreneur, Mark founded his first company in 1989 with $500.00 and a laptop. By delivering strong leadership and vision, Mark grew his company into a 22- state regional powerhouse with over 150 million in annual volume year after year. 


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